Dimont & Associates is the leader in hazard insurance claims services. Servicing claims since 1996,
Dimont manages claims for many of the top-ten servicers, as well as GSEs. At Dimont we offer a fully licensed,
functionally compliant service. Our focus is to recover the highest dollar amount on hazard insurance claims as quickly as possible, mitigating risk to our clients.


Dimont & Associates became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wingspan Portfolio Holdings, Inc., in May 2013. Wingspan Portfolio Holdings, Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, LLC, are award-winning, diversified mortgage services companies, partnering with lenders, servicers, investors, mortgage insurers, attorneys and real estate agents throughout the U.S. with multiple offices in Texas, California, Colorado and Florida. Wingspan’s team of experienced professionals provides a wide range of mortgage-related services. For more information on Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, please visit www.WingspanPortfolioAdvisors.com.